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Patch-No-More TM #5175
(Epoxy Resurfacer)

Iron-Crete TM #5150
(All Iron Aggregate) 

Surface Preparation:

Surface Preparation:

Patch-No-More TM should only be applied to
properly prepared concrete surfaces employing
proper cleaning and if possible etching.
All oils, greases, and previous coatings.

Prepared area should be etched &
mechanically cleaned.

Empty out sand-resin mix.

Etch & clean area

Empty out sand-resin mix and blend
components thoroughly together .

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Blend components together

Mix Duracrylic

Add curing agent and mix thoroughly.

Mix Duracrylic with Iron-Crete TM aggregate.

Ready for placing

Scrub in bond coat

Ready for Placing.

Scrub -in bond coat.

Patch-No-More finished product

Place mixture

Patch-No-More TM is specially formulated to
deal with those areas under ATTACK
from chemical aggressive materials.

Place Mixture

Iron-Crete finished product

Iron-Crete TM provides extra duty protection
for key areas subject to high frequency traffic.